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The History

My father, the late Hon. Andrew Lawson Johnston, held the Royal Warrant for artist in glass. He started the company Andrew Lawson Johnston Engraved Glass in 1971 and had a shop in London. He is an inspiration to me and his engraved glass is the foundation for all our ranges. He then established Glenernan Glass in 1985 which was sand engraved ranges. I  have taken both of those business forward from where he left them. Creating ranges of affordable but unique and personalised glass ranges and also one of artistry on fine crystal. All unique to Giles Lawson Johnston and engraved in Scotland.


There are many types of engraving the two types we do are Sand Engraving and Specialist Hand Engraving. We have a studio at Gordon Castle's Walled Garden where you can buy and order personalised engraved glass. All our engraving is done in Scotland.


The hand-engraved glass is done with a diamond-tipped dentist drill, which I carry out on a commission-only basis.  The hand-engraved glass inspires the tableware range.  It gives me great pleasure to engrave and reminds me of when I was eight, engraving by my father’s side.


My father devised an effective method of slicing and polishing pieces of glass cullet which he bought some 40 years ago. Originally these pieces came from the famous Whitefriars Glass factory in London, when it sadly closed after a distinguished 300 year history. When the furnaces were extinguished the molten glass was left to solidify.  The result was huge blocks of lead crystal.  These were broken up into more manageable sizes and are what we call cullet. This cullet will eventually run out and I believe these represent an investment opportunity in a most unusual, and unrepeatable art form. There is also the added attraction of being able to commission hand engraved images: houses, racehorses, yachts, wildlife scenes, heraldry - all things are possible.

I hope you enjoy my products and that they give you and your family great pleasure.